RESOLVE: Advocacy Day 2011

RESOLVE: Advocacy Day 2011
On May 5th, RESOLVE Advocates talked to Members of Congress about the disease of infertility. The goal was to be the voice of the infertility community in Washington, D.C. and to make sure that Members of Congress understand that:

  • Infertility is a medical disease.
  • Infertility affects the daily lives of millions of Americans.
  • There are many barriers to treatment for infertility.
  • A proposed tax credit for out-of-pocket infertility treatment medical expenses will positively impact thousands of families.

Our Clinical Pharmacist, Angela Perry, RPh, and our lead infertility technician, Carmela, represented Prosperity Specialty Pharmacy on the Hill and met with a legislative staffer of Senator Jim Webb and Representative Gerald Connolly. The advocates spoke about the prevalence of infertility, the need for a tax credit for treatments, and the National Action Plan on Infertility.

RESOLVE hopes to gain the support of our Representatives and Senators in order to help those struggling with infertility. To find out more about RESOLVE and Advocacy Day, please visit their website.

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